Scoring Clubs: Your Secret Weapon for Better Scores



In this video I want to show you how you can take 2 to 6 shots off your scores, play smarter golf, and hit shots with a lot more confidence.

But first I want to ask you this question: What do you think are the three most important shots in golf?

As you think about your answer I want to give you the most common response from my students, and then I’ll share some interesting statistics with you.

Most students agree that the three most important shots in golf are

  1. putting
  2. driving
  3. and wedges.

Then I ask them to get more specific – what length putt, which club off the tee, and what yardage for the wedges.
What would you say?
Their answer is ..

  1. Putting: the 6 to 7-foot putt,
  2. The Driver off the Tee,
  3. and Scoring Shots from 75 to 125 yards.

I agree.

So it would make sense that if you want to get a lot better at golf – fast – the smart thing to do would be to focus on the most important shots in the game and get pretty good at them. That should help you shoot lower scores, right?

Want proof?

At the end of the 2011 golf season Luke Donald was the number one ranked player in the world. Let me give you the first interesting statistic on him.

  • Luke was 147th on the Tour in Driving. 147th!

That’s not very good. How does a guy ranked 147th in driving become the number one player in the world?

Here’s his secret: Luke was number one in putting from 5 to 15 feet, and number one in scoring shots from 75 to 125 yards.

THAT is darned impressive. THAT is how he rose to the number one ranking.

And I think that it was really his accuracy and consistency with his scoring shots that set him up to be such a good putter, because he hit so many of his scoring wedges so close that he had a lot of those 5 to 15 foot putts.

You can make 5 to 15 foot putts. You aren’t going make many 30 foot putts.

So if you can learn to hit your scoring wedges closer to the pin, you are going to shoot lower scores.

Now there is a lot of instruction on putting and driving out there, but I’ve never seen a system as simple and effective for mastering scoring shots as the one I have for you.

Years ago when I was coaching at Stanford I developed a system for dialing in wedge yardages. We made it part of our practice every day, and my JV team got really, really good with their scoring shots. Several of them went on to earn All American honors and were part of the team that won the NCAA Collegiate Golf Championship.

Now I’m going to ask you another question, and I’ll tell you how the guys on my team would answer, and how students who’ve been through my program answer, compared to the way most golfers answer.

Here’s the question: How far do you hit your sand wedge with a full swing?

Here’s how the average golfer would answer: “Around 80 to 90 yards” or “Somewhere between 95 and 100” or “105 if I hit it just right.”

Now here’s how my students and my team answer: “94 yards carry, three yards right”

In other words, they know exactly how far their shot carries – to the yard – and which direction their ball flies relative to the target.

And they know their exact yardage for all their wedges, for full swings and a 3/4 swings.

Wouldn’t you like to know your yardages like that? Wouldn’t you play with a lot more confidence?

I’ll guarantee you you’ll score better.

One of the most frustrating things in golf is to hit a great drive right down the middle, stand there with a wedge in your hand thinking birdie, and then dump it in the trap and walk away with a bogey or worse. It’s awful, and you really feel like you let yourself down and blew a great opportunity.

I don’t want you to do that any more.

I want you to know your yardages, I want you to pull out your wedge, and I want you to stick it 3 feet from the pin.

It’s not that hard to learn, as long as someone shows you how to do it.

So I have a simple system that will help you dial in your wedge yardages.

It’s a training program. There are two modules. The first module has a series of videos that cover the concepts and technique. What to do and why. The second module is the applied part, and it has a series of videos that walk you through the actual steps. The How To, and the how to use it on the course. So you’ll know what to do and Why, and how to do it, step by step.

In the program I’ll show you how to dial in your full swing yardages, and I’ll teach you how to hit a 3/4 shot and how to dial in that yardage as well.

By the end of the program you’ll know the exact yardage for all your wedges, and you’ll know your direction.

What that’s going to give you is an incredible amount of confidence when you get out on the course. It takes the guess-work out, and removes indecision. And puts some serious fun in your game.

I’m on a mission. I want to lower the average national handicap. It’s been stuck around 16 for 50 years.

So here’s my promise to you: I’m going to give you really good, really effective instruction. Instruction that is going to work for you. And I’m going to back that up with a guarantee. If it doesn’t work, you get your money back.

That puts all the pressure and all the risk on me. I’m good with that. I love to teach. I’m passionate about helping golfers.

But I can only lower the national handicap average one golfer at a time. I want to start with you. I want you to get this program so we can start working on lowering your scores. After you see how well it works you can tell your friends.

But let’s get started. Use the Add to Cart button below. Watch the videos. Download the tracking worksheets. Try it out on the range. I’ve even set up an online training portal where you can ask questions so I can be there for you to help you along the way. I’m 100% committed to your success.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me. I’m looking forward to seeing you inside.