5 Keys To Distance Gold: BLAST OVERVIEW

Welcome to the BLAST Intro for THE FIVE KEYS TO DISTANCE

Step 1: Watch this short video for an orientation to the BLAST concepts (Balance, Leverage, Arc, Speed, Target). These are the concepts you will be mastering over the next 5 modules.

Step 2: Go to the next module on Athletic Balance. Watch the Balance Intro and the Balance Core Lesson videos. They will give you the concepts you will be mastering throughout the Balance module. It is important that you understand what you will be accomplishing as well as why you will be focusing on it. Athletic Balance is the foundation upon which you will be building all the rest of your speed and power skills in subsequent modules, and you will be pleasantly surprised how Athletic Balance will improve your consistency and your game with ALL your shots.

Step 3: Next you can go to the Balance Drills. But I recommend that you make a slight detour first and visit the Advanced module available only to Gold level students. Watch the Learning Process and the Effective Practice videos. These advanced videos will help you practice more effectively, and if you follow the advice – hitting in 5-ball sets – you’ll see much more improvement much faster.

Step 4: Now that you know the concepts as well as the keys to effective practice, it’s time to watch the Balance Drill videos. These are the drills you will be doing at the range to help you with Athletic Balance.

Step 5: Try the drills at the range. If possible, bring your smart phone and re-watch each drill video before you try it. Your first range session will have a lot of experimentation, so don’t worry about shot quality. Focus on mastering the concepts.

Step 6: Once you’ve had some practical experience with the drills, come back and read “The 5 Keys To Distance” book. Students who have been through the course who watch the videos first, try the drills, and then read the book tell me that the descriptions in the book are a lot more meaningful and add a lot more detail to the videos that helps them with their understanding and mastery when they do it in this order.

Repeat this process for all subsequent modules. You’ll learn faster, and it will be a lot more fun.

One last thought: Spend as many range sessions as it takes to master Athletic Balance. Everything else you do in the course will build on this foundation, so learning how to set up in balance, swing in balance, and finish in balance will greatly benefit your game.

Keep this in mind, too: I strongly recommend you integrate Athletic Balance into your game as soon as possible. The sooner you can take Athletic Balance to the course the sooner your scores will improve. Being in Athletic Balance will help with every shot and every club you hit on the course.