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Filled with practical examples, illustrations and anecdotes Course Navigation will give you the solid strategic foundation every player needs for a consistent golf game. You’ll see the course with new eyes. You’ll look at green complexes with new understanding. You’ll recognize how features like bunkers, trees, water, mounds, swales, slopes, and rough are used by course architects to defend the hole against your attack, and you’ll know how to handle them. You’ll approach your shots and your strategy with more confidence. Course Navigation will give you what’s been missing from your golf game: a better way to play golf by using Tour-tested course management strategies and scoring techniques.



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A yardage book will tell you more than just distances. A good yardage book is as much about strategy as it is distance. Making your own yardage book will give you the opportunity to customize the yardages and shots to your specific game. It will tell you the best places to hit the ball — and the places you want to avoid.
It will tell you the best angles to the green, help you select the right club, and tell you when you have a green light, yellow light, or red light. It will help you determine which areas of the green to shoot for, and how to read the break when you putt. Making better decisions is how you play smarter golf.



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There’s practice, and then there’s smart practice.

Smart practice is practice with a purpose: working on the right things for the right reasons. It’s doing the right things, the right way. It incorporates structured practice sessions with defined objectives. It’s a strategic approach to analyzing your game so you know where to focus your time and energy for the biggest return. How To Practice Like The Pros includes practical advice and concrete “how to” steps that will get you where you want to go, a whole lot faster, with a whole lot more enjoyment.




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Looking for a better way to improve your game?

There’s a reason you don’t shoot lower scores and it’s not your technique. The Clutch Golfer Formula puts an end to the tip of the week hamster wheel and shows you how to play consistently better golf in any situation. Stepping up under pressure isn’t hard – IF you know what to do:

  • Focus on the target, shot and feel
  • Commit to your shot
  • Trust your capabilities
  • Practice under pressure

The Formula is a step-by-step process to execute on every shot. It takes the mystery out of knowing what to think about, how to manage your emotions under pressure, how to get into your most athletic ready position, how to release the club with confidence, and how to quickly make adjustments on the course. Follow the four steps of the Clutch Formula to play clutch golf:

  1. LOCK into the target, shot, and feel
  2. LOAD your set-up process, aim and center
  3. FIRE with confidence, belief and freedom
  4. HOLD to review, reinforce or adjust

The Clutch Golfer Formula should be a part of every golfer’s library.



The 5 Keys to Distance Silver Training program


This is really more than a book. It is an entire training system, with DVDs and an online training portal.

This is my training program – the one I used to win two World Long Drive Championships. It’s how I learned how to hit the ball farther. It’s how you can hit the ball farther too. Guaranteed.

The book is around 200 pages of instruction, theory, and practical drills. The training program contains dozens of videos and drills.

The book (and the training videos) break down the five parts of the swing that contribute to distance. Together they make the acronym BLAST – Balance, Leverage, Arc, Speed, Target.

Everybody who goes through the training program adds distance. With more than 12,000 students and counting it’s the world’s best-selling, longest-running distance training program in golf.


The Silver version comes with a book, 18 videos, and online training.

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If you love practicing and drills, get the Gold version, which contains everything in the Silver version, plus 62 more drill and advanced technique videos.

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“Winning The Battle Within” is a distillation of Dr. Albaugh’s more than 20 years experience working with top PGA and LPGA Tour golfers. The book is full of anecdotes and stories of top golfers, and is warmly written and easy to read. You almost have the feeling Dr. Glen is across the living room sitting in an easy chair telling you tales from the Tour.

Yet Winning the Battle Within is full of solid advice, practical applications, and specific practice routines. You’ll read the story of a USC golfer who while in college was only good enough to play third on the golf team, yet who went on to earn more than $15 million dollars on the PGA Tour. But you’ll also gain insight into the specific practice routines and thought processes that allowed this player to surpass his wildest expectations. These are the same drills and routines you can use to improve your own game. Click the link to go directly to Dr. Glen’s website and order the book.