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ERIC JONES is a PGA Class “A” teaching professional and founder of the Eric Jones Golf Academy as well as iGolfU, the Internet Golf University. As a leader in modern golf instruction and coaching he was recognized as PGA Teacher of the Year in 2014 and awarded the Horton Smith Award for contributions to Golf […]

Glen Albaugh – Author

Dr. Glen Albaugh Dr. Glen taught sports psychology at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California for 28 years where he coached the Pacific Tigers golf team. It was during this time, while working with the finest sports psychologists, coaches and golf instructors in the world, that he formulated the basis for the principles […]

Bobby Clampett – Author

Bobby Clampett played on the PGA Tour from 1980 to 1995. Clampett began playing on the Champions Tour in April 2010. A PGA Tour Life Member and popular television golf broadcaster, Bobby Clampett is well-known within golf’s inner circles as both an avid student of the game and an exceptional teacher. Clampett’s varied interests have […]

James Sieckmann – Author

James Sieckmann currently operates the Shadow Ridge Golf Academy in Omaha, NE. Recognized by Golf Magazine as a Top 100 Teacher in America and Golf Digest Top 50, he is a nine time PGA Section Teacher of the Year. He currently instructs eighteen PGA Tour, and LPGA Tour Players who have combined to over […]

Welcome to iGolfU

Welcome to iGolfU It would probably come as no surprise that after Eric won his first World Long Drive Championship in 2003 he was besieged with golfers who wanted to learn the secrets to distance. After all, what two things do golfers want more than anything else? Consistency and distance. He taught them the same […]