Clutch Golf Interview with Scott McCarron

One thing clutch athletes across all sports have in common is the ability to put their Mind on automatic and allow their Body and Training to take over. They turn off their Thinking and Emotional Control Centers and allow their Athletic Control Center to execute.

No thinking. Just doing.

That’s just what Scott McCarron did on his 7-iron approach shot on the 18th hole in the 2017 Senior Players Championship. It was a clutch shot he had to make if he wanted a chance to win. But he couldn’t see the target so he had to rely on his imagination. Then – even more challenging – he had to absolutely trust his swing and let it go.

But Scott trains for these situations.

Do you?

In our interview with Scott he describes how he works diligently on his pre-shot routine. It is more than just a series of steps. It is a powerful tool that gets him mentally and physically centered in the moment, focused only on the task at hand. It allows him to clear his mind before each shot, imagine the shot he wants to hit, feel the swing he needs, and then release to the target with confidence.

He knew his 7-iron was good the moment he hit it. He couldn’t see the shot because the sun was in his eyes so he had no idea how good until he heard the roar of the crowd. It ended up six feet below the hole, giving him an eagle putt and a chance to win a title he had been chasing for more than 20 years – his first Major Championship.

Later that season Scott did it again with another clutch shot from behind the trees to win the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open.

We’re all chasing after our own moment of glory. Whether it is a local tournament, your member-guest, or a weekend Nassau with your buddies our clutch shots are just as important to us as that 7-iron was to Scott McCarron.

I want to help you hit more clutch shots more often. And I want you to have fun doing it.
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