Kirk Triplett wins Nissan Open

Kirk Triplett Interview: When Train Wrecks Happen

Kirk Triplett has some great advice in the form of a question he says they ask each other on the PGA Tour: “Do you own your swing?”

He describes it so well in his Clutch Golfer interview: “It’s about finding your style, your signature, your footprint, your way of playing and knowing what that is and being true to it. Do you know what to go to when things aren’t going your way? Because that’s what competition is all about.”

Your goal is to “put yourself in a position to use your strengths. Can you just be yourself in that difficult moment when there’s lots of interference?”

Because if you don’t – if you try to do something beyond your capabilities or different from your style – that’s when train wrecks happen.

Being clutch is about understanding your swing, your capabilities, your style and simply doing what you know how to do. You don’t need to do anything special. You don’t suddenly develop super powers. You simply need to do what you are able to do. You just have to do it under pressure.

Listen to the way Kirk prepares during practice and training sessions. Adopt his methods. Find your style. Then the next time you face a clutch situation, bring it on.

Own your swing.


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