What Do Clutch Players REALLY Do Under Pressure?

Watch this short outtake from the Clutch Video Course to learn one of the secrets of clutch players and what they really do under pressure. You’ll be surprised.

Imagine yourself getting ready to tee it up on the 18th hole with a 1-shot lead in a big match that you desperately want to win. In front of you is one of the toughest holes on the course: a long par-4 with a narrow fairway surrounded by bunkers on the left, and water up the right.

If you can keep your drive in the fairway, you know you can bring it home. Anywhere else but the short grass would be a disaster.

And everybody is watching.

Do you have the tools to manage your thoughts and emotions to not only pull off shots like this, but actually thrive in these situations?

Scott McCarron does.

This is exactly the scenario he faced at Caves Valley in the Senior Players Championship.

It’s tempting to think that extraordinary situations call for extraordinary shots. But Scott knows the secret: Don’t change anything.

Scott relied on his routine to help him do what he knew he was capable of doing. He split the middle with his drive, and went on to capture his first Major.

The Clutch Video Course is packed with powerful insights and practical techniques from players like Scott that will improve your consistency and help you hit better shots in any situation.

Check out the Clutch Video Course and add it to your catalog of game improvement courses today.


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