Juli Inkster on What Makes a Champion

What makes a Champion?

Juli Inkster knows. The LPGA Hall-of-Famer and 3-time Solheim Cup Captain has some inspiring words for all of us in her Clutch Golfer Podcast Interview.

“Golf is hard. Very hard. And if you’re not your best friend out there no one else is going to be. So be kind to yourself. Be positive. You’re going to hit some bad shots. Everybody does. It’s how you recover from those shots that makes you a champion.”

And there’s more.

You can’t be like “Oh my god I hope I don’t hit it right.” or “Oh my God, I hope I don’t hit it left.” It’s important to just say “Hey you’ve done this. You’ve practiced this. Stay in the moment. Hit the shot.” You have to really narrow your focus and then just go through your routine and hit the shot. Don’t worry about the outcome. Don’t be afraid to lose. Because when you are afraid to lose you’ve already lost.”

Embrace the Moment

For Juli being clutch was more mental than physical. She describes herself as a grinder: not the best ball striker or the best putter, but someone who hated to lose. And that made her a great competitor.

Eventually she learned to embrace the moment. To do more than simply not fear the outcome, but to be excited about the challenge. To live in the moment. To have fun and play free.

Here’s what she said to her Solheim Cup team “Just do what you do. Don’t do anything else. Don’t do anything more. I’m not asking anything else. All I’m asking is for you to give 100 percent and play free. Have fun. Have fun with it. Don’t make it like going to the dentist, you know. Have fun with it.”

How about you?

Do you have a Champion’s mindset?

Can you live in the present, play free, accept the outcome, bounce back when you need to, and learn to be excited to face the challenge?

Can you enjoy the journey?

Listen to Juli Inkster’s Clutch Interview to develop Championship habits.

Then spread the word.


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