Clutch Golfer Formula (book): Performing Under Pressure

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Hitting clutch shots isn’t reserved for the pros. Every round will present you with a challenging situation where you have to come up big. Learning how to step up under pressure is what The Clutch Golfer Formula is all about. Being clutch isn’t hard – IF you know what to do:

  • Focus on the task
  • Commit to your shot
  • Trust your capabilities
  • Practice under pressure

The reason you don’t shoot lower scores isn’t your technique. The Clutch Golfer Formula puts an end to the quick tip mentality and shows you a way to consistently play rock solid golf in any situation.

The Formula is a step-by-step process to execute on every shot. It takes the mystery out of knowing what to think about, how to manage your emotions under pressure, how to get into your most athletic ready position, how to release the club with confidence, and how to quickly make adjustments on the course. Follow the four steps of the Clutch Formula to play clutch golf:

  1. LOCK into the target, shot, and feel
  2. LOAD your set-up process, aim and center
  3. FIRE with confidence, belief and freedom
  4. HOLD to review, reinforce or adjust

The Clutch Golfer Formula is a roadmap for every golfer who wants to shoot lower scores and step off the quick fix hamster wheel. In the Clutch Golfer Formula you’ll learn

  • What clutch performers do in clutch situations (so you can copy them)
  • Which clutch skills you need to hit clutch shots
  • How to normalize pressure situations
  • How to be consistent by being more consistent in your execution
  • Why learning to be clutch helps every facet of your game
  • How to plan effective practice sessions
  • Why clutch should be integrated into all your practice sessions
  • Why practicing clutch is so much more fun than grinding out swing changes
  • How training to be clutch will build your confidence
  • How to use deliberate practice to master deep learning
  • Why the Coach’s Toolkit will give you an edge

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As a special bonus for purchasing the Clutch Golfer Formula we invite you to listen to the Clutch Golfer Podcasts. Click this link to enroll in the CLUTCH GOLFER FORMULA PODCAST INTERVIEWS course. It’s a completely free resource for you. There are some truly astounding stories about coming through in the clutch, and tons of inspirational advice on how ANY golfer can come up big in pressure situations.



You really owe it to yourself to listen to these interviews. They are pure gold. Go to the Clutch Golfer Formula PODCAST INTERVIEWS page and enroll for free. When we add new podcasts they’ll be ready for you on your Account page.

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We love clutch moments: the drama, the anticipation, the thrill of seeing athletes come up big in the face of extraordinary challenge. Golf Digest’s Jaime Diaz even calls clutch “the most admired attribute in sports.” Who wouldn’t want to be the hero who delivers when it’s all on the line?

But will you be ready when its your shot?

Two years in the writing, the book identifies the key skills used by top players to succeed under pressure: focus, intention, and trust. The book reveals how these key skills can be developed through deliberate practice, and then systematically deployed in a structured routine. Follow the four steps of the Clutch Formula to:

LOCK into the target, shot, and swing
LOAD the feel and set-up
FIRE with confidence, belief and freedom
HOLD to review, reinforce or adjust

The book a collaboration between legendary sport psychologist Dr. Glen Albaugh and Eric Jones, one of the PGA’s top teaching professionals. Dr. Albaugh and his contemporaries like Bob Rotella, Ken Ravizza, Bruce Olgivey, are the founding fathers of Applied Sport Psychology. Nearly every player on Tour today has a mental skills coach on their support team with roots tracing back to Dr. Glen.

Every chapter begins with a story by superstars from the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour, plus coaches and golf luminaries. The chapters are all summarized with practical Coach’s Advice you can put into action today. By the time you are done reading the book you’ll have have a clear idea of how to improve your playing skills, not just your swing skills.

The Clutch Formula takes the mystery out of knowing what you should think about, how to manage your emotions under pressure, and what it takes to release the club with confidence. Whether it is nailing a drive, sticking an approach, or draining a putt, making those pivotal shots under the gun is what fuels our passion, inspires legendary post-round stories, and creates our most memorable golf moments

This is what you’ve been missing to take your game to the next level. Break out of the snake-pit of endless swing changes, focus on your playing skills, and start playing the game you love the way you know you can.

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