A-Game Cheat Sheet 1 Intro

Welcome to the A-Game Cheat Sheet!

This is a short class you should be able to get through in a single sitting. The goal is to get you out on the course using the techniques as quickly as possible.

Watch all the videos. Make notes of the specific instructions for each part of the process from the time that you start pulling into the golf course right up to the moment you tee off on the first hole.

If you use this warm-up process you will step up to the first tee ready to go, with complete confidence.

There is a summary of the A-Game Cheat Sheet attached. You may want to download it to have handy as you watch the videos.

A-Game Cheat Sheet Intro

Eric Jones: [00:00:19] Welcome to another performance workshop Tuesday night. Really excited to have everybody here including some new guests so thank you very much for being here. Tonight’s topic is the A-Game Cheat Sheet. Otherwise known as “how to get yourself in position to make sure you have your ‘A’ game every time you go to the golf course.” Sound Good? Fantastic.

 [00:00:41] I’m going to tell you what we’re going to talk about. We’re going to cover a bunch of different topics, we’re going to do some of the exercises as we go through. And then at some point I will also e-mail out to all of you the actual A-Game Cheat Sheet itself. That will just be like a little laminated thing. But still take some notes because it won’t be quite as detailed as what we do here today. Fantastic.

 [00:01:02] For the new folks here my name is Eric Jones and I was just awarded the title of PGA Teacher of the Year. Thank you very much. That is a thrill. Eleven hundred PGA pros in our Northern California Section and the Teacher of the Year is the most coveted title or award given out on an annual basis. So that is super cool and I appreciate all the help that you guys have put into it and all the support and all the rest of that stuff you know showing up for studies and coming to mental skills things and writing the recommendations all that stuff. I appreciate all the help from you guys so that was a real thrill for me. Enough about me. Let’s talk about your A-Game Cheat Sheet.

 [00:01:49] Here’s what I want to cover tonight. Basically five topics.

  1. [00:01:52] Number one is slow down to golf time. And I’ll go through each one of these a little bit more detail.
  2. [00:01:59] Number two is: when you get to the golf course putt first. I’m going to give you a specific strategy to use when you get there to putt.
  3. [00:02:07] Number three: warm up properly. And the short simple answer to that is establish rhythm and tempo first that you’re going to use that day.
  4. [00:02:16] Number four rehearse. Notice it doesn’t say practice. It says rehearse. You’re going to rehearse shots.
  5. [00:02:24] And number five: hit strategic shots.

 [00:02:27] So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go through in detail each one of these steps so you know exactly what each one of them means. But this is your A-Game Cheat Sheet.

  • [00:02:36] Get to the golf course. Slow down to golf time.
  • [00:02:39] Head to the putting green. Hit a certain number of putts a certain way.
  • [00:02:44] Number three warm up correctly to get your rhythm and tempo.
  • [00:02:47] Number four rehearse the shots you’re going to be using that day.
  • [00:02:49] Then number five hit the strategic shots you know you’re going to be using that day.

 [00:02:54] These will put you in your best possible position to have your “A” game that day. Let’s move on to Step 1.