Glen Albaugh part 1: Learning To Trust Your Swing


Dr. Glen Albaugh is one of the most highly-regarded experts on the PGA Tour for high-performance mental skills coaching. Dr. Albaugh has worked with dozens of players on the Tour, including Scott McCarron, Kirk Triplett, and Charlie Wi, and his clients have earned in excess of $18 million dollars.

At the highest levels of competition the skill that separates the top players from all the rest isn’t swing mechanics. All the golfers on all the tours have great golf swings. The key piece that separates the players is their mental game.

In this exclusive interview Dr. Albaugh shares three of the top lessons he has learned over a 20-year period working with the very best golfers in the world, as well as working with tens of thousands of amateur golfers.

The interview is 45-minutes long and is broken down into 5 separate videos, each of which contains a fantastic lesson you can start using today to improve your play.

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