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Take this fun 20-question survey to find out how you rank on the Clutch Scale. Just click the ‘Take This Course‘ button below.

Once you have enrolled you will be redirected to your Student Account page where you will find the Clutch Test listed under your Course catalog. Click on the Course on the right and then on the individual Lesson to begin. You can also find the link to the test below. We’ll email you your results once you have completed the questionnaire, along with some snappy insights into what may be holding you back as well as ways you can move forward to consistently hit more clutch shots.

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Dr. Glen Albaugh and Eric Jones developed the Clutch Test as a way to quantify and measure skills of players who know how to get it done under pressure. Research indicated four pillars used by golfers who step up in the clutch. By answering 20 questions you will see how you rank in each pillar.

Clutch skills can be identified and then systematically enhanced through deliberate practice and self-coaching. After you get your results you may want to take the next step to becoming a clutch player.

We highly recommend two next steps: (1) Pick up a copy of the Clutch Golfer Formula book and (2) Enroll in the Clutch Golfer Interview Podcasts course.

The Clutch Golfer Podcast course is free. It features fabulous interviews with clutch superstars from the PGA, LPGA and Senior PGA Tours, as well as Coaches, Caddies and famous Authors. There are some truly astounding stories about coming through in the clutch, and tons of inspirational advice on how ANY golfer can be clutch. You really owe it to yourself to listen to these interviews. They are pure gold.

The Clutch Golfer Formula has all the background detail you need to understand what it takes to thrive under pressure and ultimately how to become a clutch player. The book can be purchased at A hard-copy can be purchased at Amazon

Here’s what people are saying about The Clutch Golfer Formula: 

Worthy of an Academy Award for golf books” C. Richard Barry, author “How To Make A Yardage Book”


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