5 Keys To Distance Silver WELCOME


Welcome to THE FIVE KEYS TO DISTANCE Training Program

Glad you are here!

Watch this short video for an orientation to the course, what to expect, where to find things, and how to get started.

Modules: The course is arranged in modules. Each module focuses on a central concept that has to do with either speed, power, or consistency. Within each module you’ll find videos with an Intro and Core Lesson, followed by specific drills designed to help you master the concepts, and then a Wrap-up. Master the concepts within each module one concept at a time, before moving on to the next module.

Cheat Sheets: You’ll notice that each video has a download associated with it. These are “Cheat Sheets” we made just for the video you will be watching. They are fill-in-the-blank worksheets you are supposed to download and print out before watching the video, and then fill out as you watch. You may want to put them into a binder for quick reference later on.

Quizzes: At the end of each module you will find a quiz. You’ll need to pass the quiz before moving on to the next module (hint: the Cheat Sheets will be very helpful for the quizzes).

Everything in the course has been planned and organized to fulfill a specific purpose: to benefit you. Studies show that the more ways you engage your brain during learning the deeper you will learn. That’s why you’ll see video, text, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, and quizzes. We’re engaging as many senses as possible. If we could figure out how to incorporate smell we’d use that too.

Start your course by watching the BLAST Overview (next lesson).

After that watch the Athletic Balance videos (with your cheat sheets, of course).

Once you’ve watched the videos the best thing you can do is read the book “The 5 Keys To Distance” to get a deeper understanding of Athletic Balance and your goals for progressing through the Balance module.

Then, head out to the range for some hands-on experience.

One last thought – take the time to master Athletic Balance. Everything else you do in the course will build on this foundation, so learning how to set up, swing, and finish in balance will greatly benefit your game. Keep this in mind, too … the sooner you can take Athletic Balance to the course the sooner your scores will improve. Being in Athletic Balance will only improve your swing and your scores.

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the course structure.

Step 2: Budget time to watch the videos. Decide how many videos you will watch each week. Print out and fill in the Cheat Sheets as you watch videos.

Step3: Head out to the range for some practice time. Put yourself into learning mode.

Step 4. Review both the book and the videos again. You will find that they have a lot more meaning once you’ve tried them.

Step 5. Head back to the range for more Balance drills.

Enter notes in the comment section below for review.