Silver to Gold Course Upgrade

If you’ve completed the 5 Keys To Distance Silver program, the GOLD LEVEL is your next step.

5 keys

  • You get more great drills for each distance concept
  • You get Advanced Learning Technique videos
  • You get Effective Practice recommendations
  • You’ll make your practice time productive and shorten your learning curve

The Full GOLD Course Access is normally $117.00. But since you have already been through the 5 Keys Silver program I’m going to give you full credit for the investment you’ve already made. You can only get the upgrade from this page. Purchase the Gold course and use the code ‘goldupgrade’ on the checkout page.

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Use coupon code ‘goldupgrade’


Get More Access to More World Class Instruction

  • You get complete access to every training module, every training video, every bonus video, every download, and access to every new video and podcast posted to the Online Training Course (new content added all the time)
  • You get access to more than 63 videos packed with detailed instruction
  • You’ll have a Free, Lifetime Membership in the exclusive 5 Keys Club, where you can interact with golfers just like you who are already adding distance to every club in their bag
  • You can download the drills, load them on your iPhone or iPad, and take them with you to the range! It’s the next best thing to having your coach right there with you!
  • You’ll be able to post questions and get answers on every single training video. PLUS you’ll pick up insights and tips from other golfers
  • I’ll send you a series of personal emails to guide you through the course and keep you on track
  • You have my personal guarantee that your game will improve!

Simply click the “Add to Cart” button below to get started.
Use coupon code ‘goldupgrade’