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Balance Intro


Distance training program developed by 2-time World Long Drive Champion and PGA Teacher of the Year Eric Jones.

  • Addresses five aspects of the swing that generate speed and power, centered around the acronym BLAST (Balance, Leverage, Arc, Speed, Target)
  • 5 modules focusing on each BLAST concept, including intro, core lesson, and wrap-up
  • Specific drill videos with each module
  • Bonus module with downloadable book, Sport Psychology Guru interview, and more
  • Estimated duration: 2-3 months (Approx 73 min in 35 videos)
  • Includes Book


Goal Setting For Golfers


  • Monthly Playing Skills Lessons
  • Strategy, Tactics, Practical Applications
Scoring Clubs


  • Hit Your Wedges Closer
  • Make More Birdies, Score Better


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Where were you 20 years ago? It took me all these years to finally understand the dynamics of the executed, athletic swing. None of the “Pros” I’ve been to were ever able to explain it to me and I could never even break 90. But with your help I’m hitting with joy and the balls are flying. Thank you so much!

Hinrich O

I have been an online student of yours for about 2 years. In that time my club head speed increased from 100 to 118 and my handicap dropped from 15 to 6. More importantly I enjoy all aspects of the game more – even practice. Thank you for your paradigm shifting, innovative, cerebral, teaching approach. Unmatched in results.

Robb B.

Your book with the fantastic DVDs arrived a few days ago. Thank you very much! I enjoy your drills very much, especially balance. If I really can finish in a relaxed position my ball goes far and precise. I’m very optimistic for further improvements thanks to your great teaching.

Mike G

Took it to the course yesterday and had my best striking round ever, with some pretty long drives (for me) and dead straight. It’s very exciting.


I only took up golf a year and a half ago but I’ve already improved so much! I won the longest drive contest and the closest to the pin at our annual ladies tournament this year and I cleaned up! Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me about golf. Can’t wait to get even better!

Jean B

I love your system. Three or four days of your balance drills have already helped immensely and I’m having a BLAST. Thanks for your great course, and even more importantly the opportunity to really have FUN.

Jim S