Tiger Woods NOT Stanford’s Best-Ever College Player

Tiger Woods is NOT Stanford’s Best-Ever College Player I know. Shocking, isn’t it? Nope. Maverick McNealy holds the honor of Stanford’s best based on statistical scoring average and wins and hid numbers all top Tiger. McNealy graduated in 2017 and is now playing on the Tour with some sponsor’s exemptions on the PGA Tour. […]

Kirk Triplett wins Nissan Open

Kirk Triplett Interview: When Train Wrecks Happen

Kirk Triplett has some great advice in the form of a question he says they ask each other on the PGA Tour: “Do you own your swing?” He describes it so well in his Clutch Golfer interview: “It’s about finding your style, your signature, your footprint, your way of playing and knowing what that is […]


Clutch Golf Interview with Scott McCarron

One thing clutch athletes across all sports have in common is the ability to put their Mind on automatic and allow their Body and Training to take over. They turn off their Thinking and Emotional Control Centers and allow their Athletic Control Center to execute. No thinking. Just doing. That’s just what Scott McCarron did […]

Take the Guesswork Out of Improving with 4 Simple Stats

Getting better at golf shouldn’t be a mystery. Thanks to the introduction of recent technology – and in particular GameGolf – lowering your scores is easier than ever before with the help of four simple stats. One of the biggest challenges faced by amateur golfers is knowing what to do to improve. And not just […]

Have An Olympic Mindset

“What I can tell you is that the same principles and techniques that we cultivate to achieve excellence in the Olympic Games can be mastered and adopted by athletes and teams at any level and in any sport.” Adopting An Olympian’s Mindset by Dr. Colleen Hacker This article first appeared in Positive Coaching Alliance. I’m […]

How To Practice Like The Pros

HOW TO PRACTICE YOUR GOLF SWING LIKE THE PROS Practice doesn’t make perfect: practice makes permanent. So it behooves you to spend your time on the range wisely. In this short but practical book you’ll learn secrets to making your range time productive. You’ll learn … What you should be doing on the range, and […]

Yardage Book

MAKE YOUR OWN PGA TOUR-STYLE YARDAGE BOOK Gene Andrews is known as the “Father of Playing by Yardage.” Andrews, who won the 1954 U.S. Public Links Amateur championship, used to walk the course before a tournament and write down yardages from various key landmarks in a little book. Years later he passed the idea to […]

The Benefits of Good Course Navigation

PLAY STRATEGIC GOLF: Course Navigation The best golfers in the world are also the best strategists. What do they do better than everybody else? They get the ball in the hole faster. That is the essence of scoring, and if you want to be a scorer you need to learn to do what scorers do. […]

Welcome to iGolfU

Welcome to iGolfU It would probably come as no surprise that after Eric won his first World Long Drive Championship in 2003 he was besieged with golfers who wanted to learn the secrets to distance. After all, what two things do golfers want more than anything else? Consistency and distance. He taught them the same […]